If my bike has a thru-axle, can I still use your trainers?




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    Jeff Martin

    I have a Specialized Diverge Gravel bike and it has a screw into the frame, tubular rear axel. I am unable to use the provided skewer to mount the bike on the trainer any Ideas how I can make it work on my CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer?



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    Jenny Reed

    Jeff, I have the same bike and the LBS I work at sells Cyclops trainers. The thru axels we sell are Kinetic brand. You'll need a "fine thread" 142×12 and you may want to take your bike into the shop and have one of the techs install it to get the correct spacers placed properly. Also, there's a fair amount of resistance as you thread the axel through the drive side and having a tech who knows what they're doing can take care of that touchy process. Hope this helps!

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