My smart trainer (Hammer or Magnus) is not calibrating in Zwift. What should I do?



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    Shaun Neddermeyer

    A quick note to share I just experienced the on-going problem with the Zwift calibration process with my CycleOps M2.  It seemed to work the first time but as soon as I rode it was clear the trainer was not communicating the correct wattage to the Zwift app.  When I attempted to re-calibarate I experienced all the same issues documented by so many other M2 owners (failed calibration, etc.).  

    I switched over the to Rouvy app and the calibration seemed to go OK.  I will have need to test it more to confirm.   

    I understand the costs associated with creating a CycleOps app to perform this calibration process, and it would be in the best interest of Zwift and CycleOps to collaborate on the solution.  From a few posts I saw from Zwift they seemed to spend more time explaining why it was not their fault instead of thinking about how they could contribute to a solution.    

    The M2 is a good product and I am hopeful you and the Swift team will figure this out. 

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