How do I calibrate my smart trainer?




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    Johnathan J Harrell

    Why do you make your users load Rouvy?!? That software is horrible! Every fall I go through the same garbage of having to install the world's worst software simple to calibrate my trainer and every year I wonder why I bought a cycleops product because of that garbage. It would be AWESOME if you actually supported the product you made. I won't be buying another Cycleops smart trainer because of Rouvy.

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    Cary Butcher

    The calibration on Rouvy does not work.  It says I have to hit 20 mph to calibrate, but in maximum gear going maximum rpms it only shows 12 mph so I can never get to 20 mps.  What do I do?



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    James Larkin

    I'm having issues calibrating my hammer. It was fine for a few months but bow it seems to take about 5 minutes before the spin down starts. Is there a fix for this? Thanks

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    Lance Ferden

    Recently bought the hammer and very frustrated there is not a dedicated app for basic functionality like updating firmware and doing a spindown. As other users mentioned, the Rouvy app is horrible. From what I understand I have to ride using the Rouvy app for 7 minutes to get prompted for a spindown?  It's really ridiculous.  I had the original Wahoo Kicker in 2014 and they had their own app back then that made it easy to install firmware and do spindowns. Cyclops is really behind the times and I am regretting my purchase.

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